Favorite George Bernard Shaw Quote

October 25th, 2014

I’m preparing a talk for the Bartlesville chapter of Pilot International (a non-profit organization that raises money for brain injury awareness and other worthy brain related organizations) and I’m using this quote so I thought I’d share it online.  I’ve had this quote laminated and hanging on my office desk for, oh, about 23 years now.  It is surely one of my all-time favorite quotes and anybody who knows me knows I’m a quote junkie.  You can view my quote board on Pinterest here.


What I did today: Writing & designing for RunHaven

September 18th, 2014

So excited to announce a new venture with RunHaven as a writer AND designer for their site.  Here’s my first graphic that I did for them.  I’m only showing 2 of 4 formats here but you get the idea (one for each specific social media size).  Be sure to pop over to their site and check it out!!!  Background image: halfpoint/Bigstock.



Diaper Drive for Emergency Infant Services

August 24th, 2014

diaper instructions

It’s been a busy year and a particularly busy month — but not as busy as the month Cole graduated and getting him off on his mission to Manchester, England!  That was insane!  But one of the highlights of August 2014 has been the Tulsa, Oklahoma Stake Relief Society Women’s Conference where we, with our fearless leader, held a preparedness conference which I will post about later with downloadable graphics, etc.  As part of this conference, though, we held a diaper drive for a Tulsa non-profit called Emergency Infant Services.  We collected diapers and packaged them up in bags of 20 or so according to size and will be delivering them this week.  Hooray for clean bums!  It was an easy, effective, and necessary service project and one that everyone seemed to wholeheartedly support.  I love getting out in the community with service projects outside of our own little homes, wards, and stakes.  So fulfilling!

What I’ve been working on: A poster for Lemon Tart by Josi Kilpack

July 31st, 2014


It’s been a long time since I blogged.  Almost a year, in fact.  I’ve missed it!  In my time away, I’ve done many things and learned quite a bit.  Let’s see how much of that I can get documented down the road but, for now, here’s some recent work I completed for Theater Bartlesville — even though I’m no longer serving on their board this year.  Last year was so much fun, not to mention meeting some pretty amazing people, but I simply don’t have time to do it again.  I won’t be doing most of their items but as a huge Josi Kilpack fan, this poster design I just couldn’t resist.  Can’t wait to meet her at the fundraiser. And, for all you font nerds out there like me, the font is My Aunt Celia and you can buy it at MyFonts.

Boo Juice – FREE Download – Halloween Ghost Stickers for Capri Sun & Pouch Drinks

October 30th, 2013


thank you brown box

FREE DOWNLOAD. So easy and cute. I was making 20 for Ben’s class party but we had two extra packages of Capri Sun drinks and I knew I might run short at the church trunk-or-treat tonight so I fixed them up! Good thing, too, as we ran out of goodies and all the Boo Juice went first! They were a hit! If you click on the pic of the file, you can download the file from Flickr.

What I Did Today: Banner Ads for The Artful Ewe

October 24th, 2013



I love knitting. I love banner ads – so small and easy, right? Well, sometimes the small size can be really constraining. I left the ribbon-like banner at the top of one of the ads so perhaps the white space above would set it apart from other banner ads. Anyway – it’s yarn! What’s not to love?

What I Did Today: Billboard Artwork for “The Real Inspector Hound” for Theater Bartlesville

October 9th, 2013


Final billboard.


Final poster.

I ran a test vote on Facebook with my 777 friends and the red poster won out over the sideways-text white one by a thin margin. We’re using the red poster with the spyglass from one of the others. Good combo. This made the billboard much easier to do!

What I Did Today: Poster Artwork for The Real Inspector Hound for Theater Bartlesville

October 8th, 2013




Theater Bartlesville’s next play is “The Real Inspector Hound”. These are my first drafts. Which would you choose?

What I did today: Steam Train Tickets

September 12th, 2013



A steam train engineer requested tickets for an upcoming birthday party for a local Steam Train No. 940. He wanted a punch card for the kids to use for the party. I love trains!

What I did today: Play Titles

September 10th, 2013





The artwork for the next three plays at Bartlesville Theater hasn’t even been started but I needed to get the play titles in the brochure and I didn’t want plain, old, boring text, so I whipped these up as fast as I could this morning. Which is your favorite? I love Illustrator more and more each day (the more I actually learn how to use it!). I finally gave in to Adobe Illustrator CC and I am loving it.

Baby Cashmerino Newborn Knitted Booties

September 10th, 2013


It’s very difficult to get knitted things, in my opinion, that will fit a small newborn. My babies were all ginormous so this wasn’t an issue for me but as I try to make gifts for friends, it’s been difficult. The neon booties are one of my favorite booties ever but since they are worsted weight yarn (the only bright neon stripes I could find), they fit about a 12 month old. These sweet, minty booties, however, fit a newborn perfectly! I can’t wait to put them on her tiny toes. They are made with 55% wool, 33% microfiber, and 12% cashmere yarn — some of the softest yarn Debbie Bliss has to offer. It was a dream to work with but the ends would split when I tried to tuck in my ends with a darning needle. Nothing problematic, really, just have to be a little careful. The yarn was not easily split, however, while knitting. If you like these, go by my Ravelry page and give them a LIKE! Thanks!

Knitted Neon Mary Janes

September 7th, 2013





Knitted Neon Mary Janes. Could they get any cuter?! I packaged them up for a baby shower in a plain kraft box, printed a label, and added a ribbon. JUST MY LUCK — I forgot the shower was for a boy. That’s okay, though, because I actually had made these for another baby girl and was using them in a pinch because the shower is today! I might have to just do booties just to keep up with baby shower gifts for church. If you click on the template for the label, it should take you to Flickr where you can download the file as a free printable. If you like these, please give them a “like” on Ravelry.

Radio Interview for The Trip to Bountiful

September 6th, 2013



Left to right: Joe Sears, Charlie Taraboletti, Marilyn Johnson (along with Amity Hollenbaugh in the background, who really runs everything)

I arranged my first radio spot for Theater Bartlesville with Bartlesville Radio KWON — 1400 AM or 100.3 FM on the dial. I wasn’t nervous until it was OVER. I chose to sit in the back and not say anything but when the interviewer, Charlie Taraboletti, asked for dates, nobody else had them so I had to step up to the microphone. I had a frog in my throat (of course!) but I think it went well and, more importantly, I hope Bartlesville peeps will turn out for the show and buy some tickets! Many are thinking the theater will be sold out this year, so be sure to get your tickets while you can at 918-336-1900. Online ticketing at www.theaterbartlesville.com is not available but will be coming soon.

UPDATE 9/6/13: I’ve been told the radio interview is recorded and available online at Bartlesville Radio! Hallelujah! We can all bask in my frog-in-the-throat moment. Oh, well, at least Marilyn and Joe sound great!

“Ticket” Business Cards for Theater Bartlesville

September 5th, 2013

As part of my new duties on the Board of Directors for Theater Bartlesville, I was able to create a new logo and update their business cards. I love the new cards because they look like a ticket. Did I need a custom die from the printer for this? Nope. Non-profit = cheap as possible. I ordered $18 business cards, on sale, from Vistaprint (I sprung for their new, premium glossy cardstock option) and with rush shipping (another $10), my grand total was $28 for the cards. I went to my new FAVORITE local printer who was willing to drill the holes in the edges with a standard punch for me — how nice is that?! If you happen to need printing and you live near Bartlesville, go see Shawn Roberts…fantastic printer, quality and pricing.

Television Watching – 7 yr old style!

August 31st, 2013

I wish I could still fit on an end table comfortably!