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I’ve subscribed to thousands of email newsletters over the years (more than one person has been amazed at the amount of written material I can consume — it’s actually quite shameful and a way to procrastinate, but I digress…). Out of all of them, these 3 have been adding more value lately than many others and keeping me up to date on marketing and social media marketing trends, news and entertainment. Hit the subscribe button and see if they’ll be a keeper for you, too.

1. LinkedIn Social Media Newsletter by Katie KcKiever
2. Stacked Marketer
3. Marketing Millennials

What do you subscribe to? What’s not on this list but should be??

What I Designed Today: a YouTube Thumbnail + Social Media Post Graphic

The image below is a thumbnail cover image for an upcoming live podcast by sports commentators who I’ve grown to admire recently as I’ve helped them with their social media. The sports industry is new for me and I’m learning and making connections with sports journalists and reporters — they’re a fun crew! If you like to talk sports, give The Buck Stops Here a listen. They’ll be announcing their trademarked United States Athletics Hall of Fame inaugural class this week! Details on the image.

The image below will be slightly adjusted further to optimize size and resolution for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. if you’re interested, I’ll be the podcast LIVE on their TikTok channel as well. Join us!

(Not So) Recent Design Work: Tradeshow Direct Mail Card for Delasco


One of my freelance clients over the years has been Delasco — a fantastic company with fantastic employees. Did you know that they are the world’s largest dermatologic supplier? Not only have I done over a decade’s worth of their annual 250+ page, full-color catalog (from 1997 through 2010), I have helped them with many marketing and communications projects ranging from boxes and info sheets to forms, catalogs, ads and banners. They have been such a good client over the years that it would take hundreds – possibly thousands – of posts to show everything I’ve done for them. Some of the best moments, though, were found in developing life-long friendships with some amazing people (you know who you are!). Freelance work doesn’t have to be solitary — with clients like these, work can be uplifting and downright fun. The particular direct mailer above was used to announce their booth at an AAD meeting in New Orleans. It was a highly successful piece with a blue metallic PMS used for most of the background and the mailing side which I have yet to scan in and post.