What I Designed Today: a YouTube Thumbnail + Social Media Post Graphic

The image below is a thumbnail cover image for an upcoming live podcast by sports commentators who I’ve grown to admire recently as I’ve helped them with their social media. The sports industry is new for me and I’m learning and making connections with sports journalists and reporters — they’re a fun crew! If you like to talk sports, give The Buck Stops Here a listen. They’ll be announcing their trademarked United States Athletics Hall of Fame inaugural class this week! Details on the image.

The image below will be slightly adjusted further to optimize size and resolution for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. if you’re interested, I’ll be the podcast LIVE on their TikTok channel as well. Join us!

Graphic Design Blog

I’m running low on time and have lots of interesting posts to link up to today so I am going to skip pictures on some of them! Don’t be deceived – follow the links for some fabulous eye candy and content!

Don sent me a link to Graphic Design Blog the other day. They had a list of really neat logos that were worth checking out. I noticed another link on their site to creative twitter backgrounds. Great stuff, indeed!