Handmade Charlotte – Delightful Blog!

Don’t you love this desk reminiscent of Danish design? You can read about the designer and source on a delightful blog I ran across entitled Handmade Charlotte. Written by Rachel Faucett, the blog is a treasure trove of great ideas and design blended into one. Go on over and take a peek – you will love it. Be sure you have more than 5 minutes, though, because you will wander…

Graphic Design Blog

I’m running low on time and have lots of interesting posts to link up to today so I am going to skip pictures on some of them! Don’t be deceived – follow the links for some fabulous eye candy and content!

Don sent me a link to Graphic Design Blog the other day. They had a list of really neat logos that were worth checking out. I noticed another link on their site to creative twitter backgrounds. Great stuff, indeed!

John Segal – Author & Illustrator

How cute is this pig? Check out John Segal’s new book Far, Far Away. More information can be found on John Segal’s Blog.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

It’s not Halloween anymore but it’s so cold outside, I kinda feel grouchy enough to want to wear something like this! Knitted by the brilliant mind behind Things and Ideas. She has great instructions over at her blog which I love because it’s about knitting and gardening and gardening and knitting. And she’s moving, too, so I feel like we’re automatically related. Except that she lives in Scotland. These international knitters have so much more style.

Grosgrain: Girl’s Giveaway Blog! (sew cute!)


I don’t have any girls but I would remiss if I didn’t pass along the latest find I have seen recently: a blog where the creator gives away the things she makes. And it’s all good. Check it out here and have fun! Hope one of my friends wins something…and if I ever do have a girl (not that one is in the works), I will expect hand-me-downs from these same friends that are going to click there. Yes, that means you.