My first knit dog sweater – a turtleneck for our boxer who is always chilly!

I had so much fun altering a basic knit dog sweater pattern for our boxer’s deep chest and long neck. It’s been a while since I knitted this, though, and even though I wrote down the changes, I’m worried I won’t be able to do it again – oh well, the fun is in trying, right?! Learning to enjoy the process as much as the product.

Knit dog turtleneck sweater ​for a boxer!
Knit dog turtleneck sweater for a boxer!
Knit dog turtleneck sweater ​for a boxer!

The pattern I based mine from is the Bernat Knit Dog Coat.

If you’re on Ravelry, let’s connect!

Knitted Things I Found at Target




My little town doesn’t have a Target and, oh, how I truly miss clearance shopping at Target! I enjoyed poking around the store and took a few snapshots of some cute knitted Christmas things. Enough to spark a knitting or recycled wool felt project? Probably! Enjoy!

My Favorite Knitted Scarf: The Worm Scarf



My very favoritest scarf works up quickly and easily and is a very gratifying gift to give (and equally, if not more, gratifying to keep and wear — oh how selfish I am!). Details on The Worm Scarf, originally created by Julie Weisenberger, can be found on my Ravelry page. It works up most beautifully in Farmhouse Yarn’s Lumpy Bumpy which is a fantastic, textured wool yarn. I first became familiar with it at the Hen House in Spring, Texas, but I’m not sure if they carry that line anymore. The blue scarf pictured above, however, was worked up in a more readily available, less-expensive yarn: Lion Brand Homespun. It is so soft and pretty but I must admit that I love the Lumpy Bumpy wool better (pictured in the Cherry Pie colorway from Farmhouse Yarns).

I Gave in to Ravelry

Ravelry: I have known about the site for years but I was afraid to get too deeply involved…with good reason. One could surf the project pictures and patterns indefinitely (you know, those *other* people without any self control!). I finally gave in and set up a profile – 10cowife – to document my adventures in yarn. Other than this blog, that is. Truly addicting. A great way to keep track of needles, yarn, pattern sources, etc. It’s so fun to see patterns in the many different color combinations that other Ravelry members have thunk up. Off to do a little more browsing…I’m sick in bed so it’s fully justified, right?

Knitting Post #2

Two more knitting sites that I like: Veronik Avery and Skein Queen. Don’t forget Veronik has a blog and a book. Skein Queen has wonderful yarns for sale and patterns, too. Happy surfing!

Hello Again & Knitting Links #1

I’ve been gone for so long, I feel like I need to reintroduce myself! I have been more than busy this season and I’m going to have to change that. I definitely need to rearrange some priorities. I am determined to include more knitting time. I have so many great knitting links and blogs to share that I’ll just start off with a couple and give you time to enjoy them. Then I’ll list a few more next time. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.

First, check out Brooklyntweed. His name is Jared Flood and he’s on flickr, twitter, blogs and has a website. He teaches knitting but I simply enjoyed looking at his work. His technique is amazing and his color choices seem natural yet subdued and perfectly suited to the pieces he works. Love it! I wish he offered some free patterns but I couldn’t find any. I really enjoyed his circular needles version of the baby pants pictured above.

The original baby pants pattern can be found from Shibui Knits out of Portland. I couldn’t find any free patterns on there site, either, but there is enough eye candy to inspire you for sure!

Nan’s Cotton Candy Scarf

This cotton candy colored scarf is so pretty – you have to see the color in person to believe it, really! It’s the perfect color to match Nana’s eyes. It’s so soft and squishy that my kids all wanted to keep it but Jack decided modeling it would work suffice (love that bed head hair, huh!?). This was made with Paton’s “Be Mine” yarn in Sweetie Aqua. It is a bulky (5) 100% acrylic super soft machine wash and dry yarn. It took three 50 g / 1.75 oz skeins. I always seem to like my scarves really wide but I am going to try to make the next one a little less wide.

Bent Objects’ Ball of Yarn

Just had to share. Check out the Bent Objects blog here.

Pom Pom Valentine Hearts!

Who knew? I am in love with pom poms these days. Check out how to make the hearts here. The rug can be found here. Now if I just had some for my roller skates…

Lion Polarspun Yarn Scarf & Pullover

I am almost done making a beautiful scarf for my sister LeAnne for her birthday. It is so pretty and lightweight and soft it is going to be VERY difficult for me to give it away. I hope she really likes it because it makes my eyes look so blue and I am sooo tempted to keep it for that very reason. I used this yarn above – Lion Brand PolarSpun in PolarBlue 100% polyester which is kinda sticky to work with (don’t expect to be able to frog anything – it knots up) but is very forgiving – I accidentally had a few yarn over holes and they were easy to disguise. I’m making it extra long. I found a pattern using this same yarn for a kid’s pullover here and I may just have to give one a try because all of my kids were fighting over who got to keep this super soft scarf. My kids are so easy to please – they love every project I make and that makes it worthwhile for me.

String of Purls & Knitting Projects: Finger Puppets & Stockings

So we were running errands on Saturday and my sweet hubby suggested we stop by the knitting store since he knew I was hankering for a project (yes, hankering) but I didn’t know what. I needed something more advanced than scarves but I’m not ready for tiny-needle socks. Thank goodness for local yarn stores! The owner at Omaha’s String of Purls is so kind, she pointed me in the right direct — pun intended — and I picked up this book on knitting finger puppets! You can buy it here on Amazon for less than $14 (I paid $19 in the store but supporting my local yarn store is so worth it). This way, I can get used to size 1 needles – double pointed, no less – but only have to work with a few stitches instead of a whole sock. I began the Baby Monkey last night and it turned into a mouse since I was using gray yarn…a very bumpy mouse…I practiced french knots all over the body! Now that I have the techniques down, I’m going to give it another try!

Before we checked out, I saw another book lying on a table and remembered that I wanted to knit our Christmas stockings someday. I couldn’t resist this book, either. I haven’t started this one, yet – have to get the right size circular needles. Looking forward to it as well as another trip to the yarn shop (I just never seem to get there enough!).

The knit doughnuts are from Fawn & Forest. The knit elephant, leopard and zebra are from Polka Dot Patch. So cute and inspiring – great giveaways or wrapping accoutrements for Christmas!