We’re White (aka Cocker Spaniel)

Gabe: Hey, Mom, I’m the 2nd newest kid in my class.

Mom: Oh? Who is the newest kid?

Gabe: Dakota.

Mom: Where is he from? Is he white, black, hispanic, oriental?

Gabe: He’s American.

Mom: {smirk} Gabe, I love you!

Gabe: You know, cocker spaniel. He’s our color.

Mom: You mean caucasian? White?

Gabe: Oh yeah, that’s it.

Bent Objects’ Ball of Yarn

Just had to share. Check out the Bent Objects blog here.

Shopping Cart Sleeping


Guess we were keeping Ben from his nap! My sister, LeAnne, has started calling him the Benjinator and we think it fits…except when he’s sleeping, of course (then they’re perfect little angels, huh!!). I was just lucky to have the camera with me!