Shopping Cart Sleeping


Guess we were keeping Ben from his nap! My sister, LeAnne, has started calling him the Benjinator and we think it fits…except when he’s sleeping, of course (then they’re perfect little angels, huh!!). I was just lucky to have the camera with me!

3 thoughts on “Shopping Cart Sleeping

  1. hahahah! i love it! that is too funny! i like ‘benjinator’ too :)..i’m going to have to call my ben that!
    (and p.s. thank you for your sweet comments…you are so nice! i do love crafting still, i forgot to put that one!)

  2. I guess if they get tired enough, they will sleep anywhere unless his name is Isaiah! That is an adorable picture of him. You went through the check out like that and everything. I bet the cashier chuckled a little.

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