My Favorite Knitted Scarf: The Worm Scarf



My very favoritest scarf works up quickly and easily and is a very gratifying gift to give (and equally, if not more, gratifying to keep and wear — oh how selfish I am!). Details on The Worm Scarf, originally created by Julie Weisenberger, can be found on my Ravelry page. It works up most beautifully in Farmhouse Yarn’s Lumpy Bumpy which is a fantastic, textured wool yarn. I first became familiar with it at the Hen House in Spring, Texas, but I’m not sure if they carry that line anymore. The blue scarf pictured above, however, was worked up in a more readily available, less-expensive yarn: Lion Brand Homespun. It is so soft and pretty but I must admit that I love the Lumpy Bumpy wool better (pictured in the Cherry Pie colorway from Farmhouse Yarns).

Spring Ideas – Growing Wheatgrass with NO SOIL!

This little bit of green on my counter keeps me cheery for a good couple of weeks each spring. Isn’t he cute??? Easy to grow and the kids love to cut his hair. It’s almost as good as your own Chia Pet…remember those? We grow it by crumpling up wet paper towels and sprinkling a thick layer of wheat berries on top. Cover and place in the dark (I was too lazy even for this – just put it on my counter!) and about 5 days later, sprouts had begun. No soil. No mess. Easy!

Cookie Mag’s Fave Homes of 2008

If you’re looking for inspiration in 2009 – just look at these homes from last year, from Cookie Magazine’s blog. The winner, Stephanie Nielson (of NieNieDialogue fame) seems to be recovering well from her infamous airplane crash (details here if you’ve never heard about it). Just thought a refresher course in these gorgeous pictures from the Cookie nesting blog would be inspiring!