My first knit dog sweater – a turtleneck for our boxer who is always chilly!

I had so much fun altering a basic knit dog sweater pattern for our boxer’s deep chest and long neck. It’s been a while since I knitted this, though, and even though I wrote down the changes, I’m worried I won’t be able to do it again – oh well, the fun is in trying, right?! Learning to enjoy the process as much as the product.

Knit dog turtleneck sweater ​for a boxer!
Knit dog turtleneck sweater for a boxer!
Knit dog turtleneck sweater ​for a boxer!

The pattern I based mine from is the Bernat Knit Dog Coat.

If you’re on Ravelry, let’s connect!

Knitted Things I Found at Target




My little town doesn’t have a Target and, oh, how I truly miss clearance shopping at Target! I enjoyed poking around the store and took a few snapshots of some cute knitted Christmas things. Enough to spark a knitting or recycled wool felt project? Probably! Enjoy!

Not Your Grandmother’s Embroidery

I do not know how to embroider. Nada. Zilch. Zip. But I want to learn after looking at these designs at Sublime Stitching. Such great stuff!

Our Homemade Valentines

I used the bird template from Martha Stewart, though I can’t seem to find that page now to link to it. I know it’s on her website somewhere!!! The birdies turned out very cute but I like what Cole did with these flocked cardboard cutouts from Hobby Lobby. He glued a cardstock back to them for a message and covered the interior price tag with additional hearts. He’s such a clever kid. I think I will let him do the cards with the kids next year. Everybody would probably enjoy it more!!!

Learning to Crochet – Elephants & Amigurumi

I love amigurumi (say ahm-ah-goo-room-y)! My wool and cashmere elephant is coming along nicely. I have his body all crocheted – twice – because i just taught myself two days ago and had to redo the original chain foundation ring on every piece I had already done. He’s my first so I’m not expecting much and he’s bigger than most amigurumi but I wanted him to be big enough that I could learn easily. On the down side, my living room is a mess; my kitchen island is a mess; my office is a mess; my clothes are a mess (seriously need a shower) but I intend on finishing this little guy today! For a fabulous tutorial on how to correctly do the foundation ring, check out this video. Thank goodness for the internet!

Homemade Pop-Up Christmas Cards!

Well, three Christmas cards and a pig. He was just so cute I had to include him – I guess the pig is symbolic for the new year? Hmmmph. Learn something new every day. Anyway, they all look so easy and adorable and are by Robert Sabuda. You can check out his instructions and patterns here. My kids will love trying these this year but I won’t promise to get any actually mailed…

I Heart Danish Design


It began when my glamorous older sister married a man from Denmark. And he came with the coolest gadgets and sense of aesthetic. Not anesthetic – aesthetic (look it up). Then I had to go and marry a Norwegian of my own and any resistance was lost. I heart Danish design. I’m not such a modernist but I love the classic, older stuff as well as some of the new items. I love to go to the Danish Edge and click on crafts and browse through some of the artists’ creations (love the swirl light and the chair above). Just don’t search for the vaginal mirror (that particular artist actually excels in ceramics). I told you not to do it!

Calling all Crafters – Knitting, Beading Etc.

Book Sale!

If you know me at all, you know I find the BEST SALES online so I just had to share this one! I don’t even do jewelry but there were some gorgeous looking wire wrapped bead things in the lot. If you love any kind of craft-ery you will love this sale. The books are NOT pristine but have a nice discount. If your books look like mine when you’re done with them, the newness will not matter to you, either. I already purchased a few…I can feel the smooth pages in my hands now… If you want to get some for yourselves (or just browse the titles), click on the pic above and enjoy!