Houston International Quilt Market Giveaway!!!

So last year I got to meet Amy Bradley at Houston’s Quilt Market 2009 and then I had a giveaway of one of her books. Let’s do it again! This year, I had something a little different in mind: giving away a bag of wool roving in the most delicious colors! I will post the giveaway soon. Quilt market was fun but, since I don’t quilt, I think two years is plenty of industry tradeshow experience for quilting.

Amy Bradley Book Giveaway Winner!

Ta, da, da, da…the winner is….Carmel of Mellow is Me. Congratulations, Carmel. Email me your address and I will get your book sent off to you.

On another note, I am super swamped with “real” design work so the blogging will be on hold for a little while. Be patient with me and I will make up for it with super fantastic holiday ideas that I’ve been saving up and will post very soon! Not to pass over Thanksgiving, but I’m in the mood for Christmas!

Amy Bradley Quilt Book Giveaway!

I love, love, love Amy Bradley’s designs. Partly because she was a graphic designer first. Yes, I’m biased. In honor of meeting her at Quilt Market, I’m putting up one of my purchases – her book pattern called Peek-A-Boo – for a giveaway. Just make a comment on this post before Halloween at midnight and you will be entered to win. If you link back to this giveaway on your blog (I can see your links so no need to tell me), I will automatically enter you twice. I haven’t held a giveaway in awhile since we moved and this is a great way to remember all the Quilt Market fun! Good luck!!! For details on this particular book, which runs $20, check Amy Bradley’s website.

Quilt Market Houston, Here We Come!

I’m tagging along with my quilter friend, Benay of Beany Boy Quilts to Houston’s famous International Quilt Market 2009. Stay tuned for info and pictures next week! We are going to play hard for the next 48 hours. Watch out Houston, these Nebraska girls can cause a lot of trouble!!! In the meantime, go over to Willow Leaf Studios by Jodi Beamish and check out Benay’s new pantograph designs. That girl learned Illustrator faster than anyone I’ve ever met and has some great new designs being sold on Jodi’s site.

Great Quilting Ideas!

Blogs continually inspire me. Here are a few great quilting ideas I ran across this morning. I cannot wait to get sewing again – even if I don’t quilt. I just might convert someday. The rag letters are adorable!

This Polka Dot Quilt Tutorial qfrom And Other Silly Things is beautiful!

What a great way to “plan” a random quilt by Oh Fransson.

Whip Up has listed some resources for free quilt patterns.

Oh So Happy Together had a great, easy tutorial for quilted rag letters.

Tokyo International Quilt Show

I don’t quilt. But I sure love lookin’ at ’em, and so will you. Click on the pic above to link to Moonstitches’ Flickr stream of the Tokyo International Quilt Show. Beautiful.

Quilt Museum at UNL (aka quiltstudy.org)

Fabulous Saturday morning outing to Lincoln to see a quilt museum. It is fantastic! Thank goodness they had a soft voice recording repeating “Please, do not touch the quilts!” because you could hardly stand to not touch them. Especially when we got to the Korean quilts that were silky and thin (why can’t those words describe me?) and with a rolled French hem. There was a Korean display of Pojagi – the art of wrapping gifts in fabric. Very interesting! Must. Google. Pojagi. Now. Gorgeous!

Quilting Blog – The Jolly Jabber

PhotobucketGreat blog. Great sales. Great vintage style fabric collections. What’s not to love? I enjoy buying the fabric, apparently, even more than quilting. Just build the stash, right? The quilt doesn’t magically appear?!?

Calling all Crafters – Knitting, Beading Etc.

Book Sale!

If you know me at all, you know I find the BEST SALES online so I just had to share this one! I don’t even do jewelry but there were some gorgeous looking wire wrapped bead things in the lot. If you love any kind of craft-ery you will love this sale. The books are NOT pristine but have a nice discount. If your books look like mine when you’re done with them, the newness will not matter to you, either. I already purchased a few…I can feel the smooth pages in my hands now… If you want to get some for yourselves (or just browse the titles), click on the pic above and enjoy!