Quilt Market Houston, Here We Come!

I’m tagging along with my quilter friend, Benay of Beany Boy Quilts to Houston’s famous International Quilt Market 2009. Stay tuned for info and pictures next week! We are going to play hard for the next 48 hours. Watch out Houston, these Nebraska girls can cause a lot of trouble!!! In the meantime, go over to Willow Leaf Studios by Jodi Beamish and check out Benay’s new pantograph designs. That girl learned Illustrator faster than anyone I’ve ever met and has some great new designs being sold on Jodi’s site.

What I Designed Today: Business Card Design for Beany Boy Quilts

Here’s my friend’s business cards. I need to blog more about work stuff so that I have copies of them online – since I keep putting off my business site. Ahh…too much to do and so little time.