What I Designed Today: Business Card Design for Beany Boy Quilts

Here’s my friend’s business cards. I need to blog more about work stuff so that I have copies of them online – since I keep putting off my business site. Ahh…too much to do and so little time.

What I Designed Today: Business Card Design for Hubby

I was renewing my own business cards from moving, then made some for a friend/client of mine, then decided it was time for Don to have an update on his cards, too. What do you think of his cards? They’re reversible to reflect his complex personality. We both love them! Can’t wait for them to arrive in the mail. Small pleasures, people.

Interesting Business Card Ideas

Photojojo‘s post today is about good business card ideas. I like some of these but I’m not convinced they’re the best I’ve ever seen. Anybody I’ve ever designed business cards for has always been extremely budget conscious – and these days business cards can be had very inexpensively. Custom die cuts and sewing each of 1,000 cards just doesn’t seem worth it to me! I do love seeing other business card ideas, though. The downside is that it always makes me want to redo mine…