Scandinavian Design – Lots of White!

I’ve always claimed that I would love a really white house. With padding. White walls with padding…some days that would be a vacation, no? Well…I know there are so many more important things in life but lately with trials small and large, I’ve been trying to learn how to just breathe and these rooms just feel like a clean, organized sigh of contentment. I thought I’d share. I may never see this much organization or cleanliness again in my life so I have to enjoy the pictures when they come. Don’t get me wrong. If my house wasn’t messy and unorganized, I wouldn’t have my family…and I love my family so the rest of it is welcome. Most of the time. But if I EVER need to be institutionalized…please…refer to these photos. God bless those Scandinavians – they do have a wonderful sense of aesthetic. And it does something to lift the mind and spirit, you know? Be sure to click on the pictures to visit the actual blog. It’s chock full of visual goodies.

I Heart Danish Design


It began when my glamorous older sister married a man from Denmark. And he came with the coolest gadgets and sense of aesthetic. Not anesthetic – aesthetic (look it up). Then I had to go and marry a Norwegian of my own and any resistance was lost. I heart Danish design. I’m not such a modernist but I love the classic, older stuff as well as some of the new items. I love to go to the Danish Edge and click on crafts and browse through some of the artists’ creations (love the swirl light and the chair above). Just don’t search for the vaginal mirror (that particular artist actually excels in ceramics). I told you not to do it!