What I Designed Today: Print Shop Docs with Horrible Fonts

I’m loving the interesting flow of work coming from Bartlesville’s local print shop.  There is, however, the problem of recreating things to print EXACTLY as a client requests — but that is ugly as all get-out.  It nearly killed me the other day to save a print-ready file using the Hobo font.  The project here called for Rage Italic and a graphic with lines that I absolutely do not understand (It’s so abstract, it could mean anything!).  Kill me now.  But, such is the life of a print shop — the client’s requests always come first!  And if you are the client and you happen to read this:  take it from an experienced designer — it’s time for an update on your logo and materials. You don’t even have to hire me.  Just, for the love of all that’s holy, refresh your brand.

Exhibit A:  Rage Italic in all its horrific 1980s glory — letterhead and envelopes.  Because a small town rec center is nothing if not thorough.


One Idea for Keeping a Journal


I am not the very best journal keeper, but I do try to document our lives every year or two…or five. I ran across this idea from Gretchen Rubin’s article in the February 2012 issue of Good Housekeeping and thought I’d share it, although when you multiply one sentence times four children and a husband (not to mention 3 pets!), it gets overwhelming and I don’t think one sentence could sum up any one of our crazy days. On the other hand, it might be good to choose one superlative memory from each day. Surely during a year of this solid endeavor, every child would be covered.

Another tip: I like to write down “Top Ten Things” for each of my kids. Sometimes it’s difficult to think of ten different things but I love looking back at the minutiae of their lives: stuffed animals, funny sayings, food preferences or dislikes. It’s the stuff that makes up great memories. I think I may try to cut that down to one thing each day, choosing just the very best memory and see how that goes for awhile! Happy writing!

Fear is a Prison.

I’m afraid of many things. Part of my fear must stem from being born in what is known as the flatlands. Once when I tried learning to ski, I was carried off the bunny hill by paramedics. Driving on mountain roads leaves me white-knuckled and cross. Once I’m there, the beauty of the mountains is only surpassed by my gratitude for having successfully made it alive.

I like the thought of living and working peacefully on a beautiful, resort-style property located on a sandy beach near the ocean. That’s a beautiful thought, right? But if I were actually there, I have no doubt that I would spend my time envisioning hurricanes, floods, and drowning. Just leave it to me to suck the joy out of every single minute of life. I’m a pro. That crazy character from A Series of Unfortunate Events has absolutely nothing on me. I mean, Meryl Streep played her in the movie and everybody tells me I look like Meryl. Duh. Obviously.

So I need to learn how to relax. As part of my self-therapy plan, I’m going to purchase a sign that says “Fear is a prison.” I saw one online but didn’t buy it even though I knew I should have and of course they’re sold out and I can no longer find one online. Just my luck! I suppose I could design one and have it printed but that just feels like too much work. I mean, what if I created one and nobody liked it? I would hate to create something — for fun — that was a negative testament of my career. So much for trying and losing being better than trying at all. Fear. Stupid prison.

Photography credit (and could he please make me a sign?) goes to Sean Hart at: http://www.massimopescuma.it/2011/08/04/fear-is-a-prison-sean-hart.html.