House Hunting in Houston

We found a country home we love but there’s one problem: it’s just too small! It’s the one affordable (if you think $244K is affordable) house among half a million dollar homes on acreages in Magnolia. My heart started pitter-pattering when we approached and as we went to the front porch, a baby deer scampered off into the backyard gated portion where it frantically tried to get out. The poor thing couldn’t find its way out of the gated acreage and scurried around the edge the entire time we were inside. I thought it might have a heart attack (can that happen to wildlife?!). So we explored the inside of the home which is just as charming as the outside – a sunroom, large master with closet but only 2 bedrooms upstairs. As we were leaving, mama deer was just on the other side of the fence trying to help her baby find her way out – how sweet is that?!

Bennie Has a Grill-Friend (aka Girlfriend)

Pretty self explanatory. We love it! We are going to miss the Derr family but I think that Ben might miss Kaylie the very most.

Sandy Gervais Fabric Designer

Sandy Gervais, fabric designer, has a new blog! Check it out! Her bio tells how she was “discovered” at a quilt show by Moda Fabrics and the rest, as “they” say, is history.

p.s. Gotta run or Don will catch me blogging (what an addiction!). The movers are here and I’m supposed to be helping pack and sort!

Online Outdoor Deals – Steep & Cheap

My newest online addiction is Steep and Cheap. One item is listed for 15 minutes or so – only one item at a time – and when they run out they’re gone! They have all sorts of great markdowns on popular gear and clothing including Marmot, Patagonia, Smith Optics, and other varied camping and backpacking gear. My hubby gave me the link and I’ve only bought one thing (yeah for my new Smith Optics sunglasses!) but the shipping was extremely reasonable and FAST – I had them in hand in 2 days!

Bed Hogs

Ben & Jack Sleeping in My Bed 5

Ben & Jack Sleeping in My Bed 2

Look what I found waiting for me the other night when I finally went to bed at 12:45 a.m. (I was up at least twice more and didn’t get to sleep until almost 2 – AGAIN!). Instead of being upset, I was actually quite glad. I almost wished I could stay awake and look at their cute faces. They really are cutest when they’re asleep (and not just for the quiet). I love snuggling my boys. See? They left me a space…

Papier Mache Online Mag – Issue #1

Hmmm…I like this new online magazine trend. Take a look at this eye-pleasing offering called Papier Mache and be sure to also visit the Papier Mache Blog.

Sad Sad Day.

Note: This post was written by my husband without asking me about hijacking my blog. Do you see a reptile category on here?? Well, there is a perfectly good reason for that. I don’t want one!!! No more hijacking…I’m changing my password tout de suite.

Well, my mom was afraid it would happen. She left on vacation and while she was gone there was a drowning in her pool. It is a very sad day for it too, as the drowned individual was such a good friend.

I came home from work today, just like any other day, and all seemed to be well. I headed out back to turn on the pool cleaning robot named Hermie, and something just didn’t feel quite right. I did not know what it was. It seemed quieter than usual, almost like the whole yard was sad. As I aproached the pool to attach Hermie to the side of the pool, I gazed into the water and saw a terrible sight. Laying at the bottom was one of my bug erradicating friends.


I quickly pulled him out and tried my best, but he was beyond hope. The best I could do was lay his remains to rest with the thirty-odd squirrels that have irritated my father over the last twenty years. So please, a moment of silence for my little bug eating friend.

I can imagine that on such a hot day like today he probably just came over to cool off by the pool. Maybe just get a little drink. Probably eat a few of the bugs that are always close to the edge. Probably just slipped. Lost his balance you know. Fell in and could not get out. May have even hit his head. All I know is is gone on before us now.


Here is a view with my key so you can see just how large he is. Man, he could have eaten a TON of bugs.


Poor little guy. Eyes all glazed over. No hope at reviving him.


Let this death that came all too soon serve as a lesson to you all. Don’t go into or near the pool without adult supervision and your water wings on.

John Segal – Author & Illustrator

How cute is this pig? Check out John Segal’s new book Far, Far Away. More information can be found on John Segal’s Blog.

Huge Knitted Ball-Bean Bag-Whatever!

Cute! I might have to try some of these – I think it’s great they’re stuffed with old pillows, comforters or what have you. Excellent idea. Thanks to Pickles – After we move, I’m sure I’ll have to come up with some variation on this theme – it’s like giant amigurumi bodies/heads.

Decks Decks & More Decks…Thanks, Walkers!

The inspector said we needed to brace the deck or have it looked at and every decking company could “fit me in” if we wanted to build a whole new deck but just to brace it or do a minor repair nobody would give me the time of day. So I decided to bother one of my most beautiful friends, Ilise (seriously – this woman looks good pregnant, not pregnant and everywhere in between – always beautiful) who married into the Walker family of men and boys and they bought a decking company in Papillion called Decks, Decks & More Decks. They came to my rescue! Her hubby, Robert, came out the very day after I called to measure and then his brothers, Chris & Jeff came a few days later to brace the deck. It made such a difference and they were so fast! It was so great to see them. Now I know two things about the Walker family: 1) they marry beautiful women (Ilise & Albanie) and 2) they do great deck work. Thanks, guys! Love from the Rolfsons always. If anybody needs deck work in the Omaha area – you can’t do better than these guys. And come and visit us in Texas!!! It’s not Costa Rica, but…we’ll do our best.

Garden Ideas

Look at these pictures from Hen & Hammock – a UK gardening site I just found tonight. What cute swings! I love the phrase on the edge – so cute and fun. Plus, be sure to check out the ideas at the UK gardening magazine called Country Homes & Interiors – great ideas, all!

Design Your Own Yoga Mat

Very neat idea – I could perhaps remember all the poses for sun salutation if I had them printed on my mat. Or…my favorite scripture…or my favorite quote…or my kids’ picture…or my own funky design. Great ideas, all! Check out these yoga mats you can design yourself.

Go Green – HP Giveaway

If all of my readers & friends click on the link above (or in my sidebar) to share it or display the widget on their website, I can win a laptop! It’s a Hewlett Packard thing. Check out ways to go green and click on the link to help me win. If I do, I promise to host a super spectacular giveaway as a thank you.