Nebraska: The Good Life

I’m sitting in the car, blogging on the laptop, windows down, 75 degrees outside and breezy — THE BREEZE! — it seems there are never breezes in Houston. None of us wants to go back to Texas. I can’t even call it “home” — too hot, too many bugs. We are enjoying Nebraska and Iowa so much that even the kids don’t want to leave (and Cole’s spent a month on Papa & Nana’s floor!). The little boys have been rotating couches and seem to be fine. It’s amazing how kids can adjust. Three more days in heaven and then we head back to the sauna known as Houston. It will be great to see Don again — I think if he wasn’t there, we’d just move in and I’d enroll the kids in Ralston. Sure, we’d miss Gretna but I’d do just about anything to stay here. So many great friends are here, too. It was great to see ALMOST everyone. There were a few friends and family we missed. One thing is for sure: we’ll be back! Plus, we’ll be just as annoying and stay just as long!!!

Decks Decks & More Decks…Thanks, Walkers!

The inspector said we needed to brace the deck or have it looked at and every decking company could “fit me in” if we wanted to build a whole new deck but just to brace it or do a minor repair nobody would give me the time of day. So I decided to bother one of my most beautiful friends, Ilise (seriously – this woman looks good pregnant, not pregnant and everywhere in between – always beautiful) who married into the Walker family of men and boys and they bought a decking company in Papillion called Decks, Decks & More Decks. They came to my rescue! Her hubby, Robert, came out the very day after I called to measure and then his brothers, Chris & Jeff came a few days later to brace the deck. It made such a difference and they were so fast! It was so great to see them. Now I know two things about the Walker family: 1) they marry beautiful women (Ilise & Albanie) and 2) they do great deck work. Thanks, guys! Love from the Rolfsons always. If anybody needs deck work in the Omaha area – you can’t do better than these guys. And come and visit us in Texas!!! It’s not Costa Rica, but…we’ll do our best.

Never Looked So Good!


The realtor’s sign has never, ever looked as good as with it’s “SOLD” sleeve on it. Cole admitted he went out and hugged it after he watched the realtor put it on. HOORAY! Fingers still crossed for a smooth closing…

Easter Egg Hunt in Gretna

So, when was anybody going to tell me I was behind on my monthly banner? I guess I liked March so much that I’m two weeks into April and haven’t realized it. It has been a crazy couple of weeks which is why the posts have been few and far between.

Friday night we went to a friend’s home for an Easter egg hunt. It was very fun and the weather cooperated. We enjoyed getting to know the Darby family better and seeing many friends. Great food, good company. You know what I liked best about the night? Everything was casual and perfect. If Stephanie was stressed at all about putting a big party together, you couldn’t tell by me. She was cool as a cucumber and everyone had a good time. Am I the only one who stresses and freaks out about everything being perfect before I can have people over? You’d think I’d enjoy having my home sparkling clean every week just in case of a showing but I need to learn how to relax and live with a little dirt. We had so much fun letting the kids hunt for eggs on their acreage – and I think Ben was worn out for 2 solid days afterward.

Click here to view all of the pics from the party.

Cole Gets His Black Belt!!!

Cole Gets His Black Belt!!!, originally uploaded by sparkbark.

About five or six years and $$$ later, he’s earned it! We are sooo very proud of him.