What I Designed Today: Logo Guide for Bartlesville’s Ambler Hall

It’s not a full-on style guide but it’s a step in the right direction with a usage guide for the most common scenarios for a logo.  I’m so excited about some of the concerts coming up at Ambler Hall!  Check out Adam & Kizzie — they’re coming in November.  For more details, visit OK Mozart on the web.


What I Designed Today: NMDEA Black & White Program Ads

I’ve been doing reincarnations of this black and white ad for years. This year, my client decided to bump up the size to a full page. The sponsors are probably so relieved to have their name in readable-sized print! Lovely client. I wish all of my clients were as prepared and easy to work with as this one. I’m not sure which one they’ll choose but I’m sure whichever it is, it’ll stand out in the program!





Summer Car Trips “Carcations”



We have coined the term car-cation. I have heard of a staycation but we’ve called most of our family trips carcations because we have too many kids to fly affordably. I just thought these were great carcation shots from somewhere along our travels from Omaha to Houston. We don’t have DVD players and only one child has an ipod and he didn’t even use it very much at all! We enjoyed four new cd-roms of music (I love Alison Krauss but thumbs down for that cd she made with Robert Plant – yuck) but we enjoyed listening to Zac Brown Band, Alan Jackson and Rascal Flatts. Some are a few years old but since we don’t listen to country very often and we haven’t bought a physical cd-rom for YEARS, this was a great way to kill time on a road trip! I think we’re going to make it a tradition to pick up some new cds every time we take a long car trip to discover many great songs we’ve missed over the last decade. Maybe next time we’ll do Billie Holiday – I never get sick of her songs. Or maybe show tunes! That would drive the kids nuts!!! If you have a favorite album – any genre – let us know and we’ll try it out on our next trip.