The Fruity Pebbles Incident

So I thought we had mice or a rather large cockroach spreading the Fruity Pebbles cereal all over the pantry…until I saw the spoon. Even a large cockroach can’t use a spoon! The guilty party was someone who had never had sugar cereal before and certainly took a liking to them. So much for a treat! More shots on our flickr account. The guilty one is holding a football, how cute is that?! How could anyone get mad at that face?!?

We’re White (aka Cocker Spaniel)

Gabe: Hey, Mom, I’m the 2nd newest kid in my class.

Mom: Oh? Who is the newest kid?

Gabe: Dakota.

Mom: Where is he from? Is he white, black, hispanic, oriental?

Gabe: He’s American.

Mom: {smirk} Gabe, I love you!

Gabe: You know, cocker spaniel. He’s our color.

Mom: You mean caucasian? White?

Gabe: Oh yeah, that’s it.

Toothless Brothers!

Jack is currently our toothless wonder but I created this photograph for a stock photo site today. It was just too cute not to share! It’s from last summer but, good memories. Busy with “real” work this week so I’m not getting much time to blog but, that’s okay, I’ll be back soon. Looking forward to Quilt Market in Houston this weekend so be sure to check back for the news and some fun pics.

Kid Funnies: Gabe & His “Gifts”

Gabe is a gifted kid in so many ways but it’s funny to hear him on what he personally thinks are his gifts. I caught this conversation last week:

Gabe: “Hey, Mom! I can make Jack laugh just by lookin’ at him….it’s a gift.”

Jack is a “Chick Magnet”

Jack has a shirt that says “chick magnet.” Normally we don’t have a huge appreciation for such masculine prowess displayed textually on a shirt but I had to make an exception. Jack is definitely all boy and this is how the conversation went:

Mom: Jack, this shirt says Chick Magnet.

Jack (putting on shirt): Now I’m a magnet for all chickens.

Mom: You know that chick really means ‘cute girl’, right?

Jack (furrowing his brow as if I’m mistaken and silly): Nooooo, it doesn’t! It means chicken. They bounce off you and the feathers stick.

I guess I can’t argue with that! He’s completely satisfied with being a magnet for chickens but not for girls. Pretty typical, I suppose for a 5 year old boy. I would have to worry otherwise…

Need a good laugh? Try Wordsplosion. This is better than America’s Funniest Home Videos — at least for a spelling stickler like myself. I know I’m not perfect but these make me feel much better about myself. Reminds me how much I enjoyed Lynne Truss’ bestselling book Eats, Shoots & Leaves. Enjoy!

Marvel Cave & More Boy Funnies


I have a great “funny” to share from our trip to Branson, Missouri. As we entered the wonderful Marvel Cave (true to its name), my very perceptive 7 year old son, Gabe, said “We’re in Mother Nature’s nostril!”

Also, when we arrived at the gates and I made everyone use the restroom, Jack came running out after he was finished declaring, “Wahoo! I partied in the man cave!” I never knew using the restroom could be so fun. I must be missing something (and we all know exactly what THAT is — the same missing item that puts me at a grave disadvantage while camping). Gotta love boys!

Jack, Oreos & Star Wars


Don took the kids to see Star Wars: Clone Wars and when they got home, I told them they could have sandwich cookies and milk for a snack. They weren’t “real” Oreos but the store brand duplex kind with vanilla on one side and chocolate on the other. Jack started digging in and while only eating the chocolate sides, he excitedly proclaimed, “I only like the Dark Side!” Don and I could not stop laughing. He is a huge Darth Vader fan. Yikes!

Design Funnies – Reflex or Reflux Blue?

So my only good chuckle today was when my client requested something be done in Reflux Blue. For anyone who knows design…you will know this standard, bright blue color is called Reflex Blue. But it is so bright and garish that it should very well be called Reflux Blue. It looks pretty on the chip and, indeed can print very nicely but sometimes the color shifts and it can be very garish. I’ve had good and bad experiences with Reflex Blue.

Click HERE for a quick tutorial on Reflex Blue and Pantone colors in general. A beginner’s guide so to speak, if you’re interested in such things…