Jack is a “Chick Magnet”

Jack has a shirt that says “chick magnet.” Normally we don’t have a huge appreciation for such masculine prowess displayed textually on a shirt but I had to make an exception. Jack is definitely all boy and this is how the conversation went:

Mom: Jack, this shirt says Chick Magnet.

Jack (putting on shirt): Now I’m a magnet for all chickens.

Mom: You know that chick really means ‘cute girl’, right?

Jack (furrowing his brow as if I’m mistaken and silly): Nooooo, it doesn’t! It means chicken. They bounce off you and the feathers stick.

I guess I can’t argue with that! He’s completely satisfied with being a magnet for chickens but not for girls. Pretty typical, I suppose for a 5 year old boy. I would have to worry otherwise…

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