Crocheted Elephant Amigurumi (My First Crochet Project)





So way back in late 2008, I created my very first crocheted project: an elephant. The elephant is from Kyuuto! Japanese Crafts Amigurumi by Tomoko Takamori. I didn’t want to bother with switching colors since I was such a newbie and I think he turned out pretty cute anyway! The boys have loved him and he has survived two moves since then. Mostly I get a little teary-eyed at how much Ben looks like a baby then (unfortunately, we still baby him now – consequences of him being our last, I suppose!). It seems to me, in hindsight, I had my act together back then…what happened? Can I blame my current bout of flakiness and lack of energy on two moves. Why, yes, I think I can!

Knit & Crochet: Pink Camo Edged Angel Fleece Blanket


Knitted for Anna Prathipati’s baby girl coming in a couple of weeks. I missed the baby shower today but hope that I can still get it to her in time. I actually started a knitted dress but it is taking hours on end so I had to go back and get this white knitted blanket I had originally started for one (okay, two) of Don’s sisters and never actually got around to finishing. I decided to give it a pink crocheted camo edge and it is really, really cute. I made it at least 1 1/2 years ago and added the edge this morning. I love the Angel Fleece yarn – so soft but I must admit I still prefer wool as a natural fiber but you can’t beat the washability of something like this for babies! Here’s a link to the Ravelry page (be sure to favorite it if you like it!) and here is a link to the photos directly on our flickr account.

Crochet Baby Diaper Cover & Flower Hat

Baby diaper cover and hat





I used a stretchy yarn that you have to order online (even my local yarn store had only 3 balls and it only came in this tie-dye color so I had to use it – but it turned out cute). It’s called Cascade Fixation and I. Love. This. Yarn. Once you get used to working with it, there’s no problem. This is only my second “real” crochet project ever so I am going easy on myself. The bottoms turned out a little large but when I washed them they did shrink a little bit. The hat turned out perfectly. I think I’m going to try to work it in the round next time so there’s no seam on the back. It is so stretchy and soft — perfect for fitting babies. The pattern can be found in Annie’s Attic Crochet book “Diaper Covers & Caps” #871058. Hook up with me on Ravelry (name: 10cowife) if you make any of these – I’d love to see different color combinations. And if you’ve got the flower on page 18 figured out — please let me know!!!

Owl Bibs – What do you think???

I love knitting but I’m VERY new to crochet. I crocheted these owl bibs. I did a newborn and a toddler size. I changed the closure for each one and like the closure for the newborn bib best. I put all the details of the project over at my Ravelry page. I don’t have many friends there so if you are on Ravelry, let me know!! These bibs are made of 100% cotton so they are washable and would clean very easily – the same yarn as used in the infamous dishcloths. So durable! But, what I’m wanting to know is this something you would actually use and like to receive or is it 70’s afghan ugly and I’m just too biased because I spent hours making it???

Crocheted Acrylic Magic Eraser

Check this out! This crocheted acrylic sponge works just like those other super soft acrylic magic eraser bars in the store. I know, I’ve been posting quite a bit of decorating, crocheting and knitting things lately but, really, that’s because it’s what I wish I was doing instead of working and cleaning…and I have lots of design work today on the computer so must. sign. off. Bye!

p.s. Just one more thing – I adore Craftzine (where the idea came from). They are my go-to site for great ideas. I do not know who their scouts are but they find the best stuff. And coming from somebody known for finding great stuff on the internet, that’s a compliment!

Huge Knitted Ball-Bean Bag-Whatever!

Cute! I might have to try some of these – I think it’s great they’re stuffed with old pillows, comforters or what have you. Excellent idea. Thanks to Pickles – After we move, I’m sure I’ll have to come up with some variation on this theme – it’s like giant amigurumi bodies/heads.

Crochet Yoga Mat Bag on Flickr

Check out this crocheted yoga mat bag on Flickr. Uploaded by Great idea!

Granny Spiral Crochet Tutorial

Check out the Granny Spiral crochet tutorial from Crochet Me. Thank you!

Double Crochet Tutorial

Thanks to crochetme for sharing! Click here for a great beginner’s tutorial on double crochet.

Amigurumi Hearts by Roxycraft

Ah, easy crochet pattern. Easy to love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Thanks, Roxycraft. I haven’t quite figured out what the kids want to do for Valentine’s this year – something homemade. We’re still on the hunt. I just can’t bear to buy those cheap yucky store valentines another year. As soon as I’m feeling better (we’ve been slackers and sick all week long), this is sure to get done – mostly because Valentine’s class parties are next week.

Spring Decor – Anna Crafts

Yeah for SPRING! Here goes wishful thinking since it’s still cold and January here in Omaha. I’m anxious for spring – mostly because then I know we will HAVE to be well on our way to Texas. Geesh. This waiting in winter thing is more difficult than I expected – patience schmatience. Very difficult stuff to be in limbo. I’m going to appease my worries with a little spring-like eye candy. The website for the above pics is here and the site includes a blog, craft school and boutique – some of it is still in the works but I’ve seen the magazine. It’s fabulous.

Amigurumi Love

I am officially in love with amigurumi. It’s probably not an eternal love but definitely infatuation. Let’s hope it lasts awhile! My elephant turned out pretty darn good – the stitches aren’t super tight but he’s a cutie and my kids were fighting over him in record time (always a good sign). Ben gave him a good go around with a squish, kiss, tickle and hug (all captured in the pics above). We haven’t come up with an official name yet but we’ll figure that out.

Star Wars & Indiana Jones Amigurumi

The above pictures deserved a post of their own! The Star Wars amigurumi can be seen here and the Indiana Jones amigurumi can be seen here.

Learning to Crochet – Elephants & Amigurumi

I love amigurumi (say ahm-ah-goo-room-y)! My wool and cashmere elephant is coming along nicely. I have his body all crocheted – twice – because i just taught myself two days ago and had to redo the original chain foundation ring on every piece I had already done. He’s my first so I’m not expecting much and he’s bigger than most amigurumi but I wanted him to be big enough that I could learn easily. On the down side, my living room is a mess; my kitchen island is a mess; my office is a mess; my clothes are a mess (seriously need a shower) but I intend on finishing this little guy today! For a fabulous tutorial on how to correctly do the foundation ring, check out this video. Thank goodness for the internet!