Knitted Newborn Baby Boy Hat & Mitts




The CUTEST (and my first!) newborn baby boy hat and mitts. The hat is a variation of Susan B. Anderson’s “Go Team” hat published on her Spud & Chloe blog this past week. The mitts I made up but they seem to work well. I might try lining those with polarfleece so that the yarns don’t catch tiny, fragile, newborn fingers. More pics of the sweet baby wearing the goods at my Ravelry account. Even more pics at our flickr account.

Crochet Baby Diaper Cover & Flower Hat

Baby diaper cover and hat





I used a stretchy yarn that you have to order online (even my local yarn store had only 3 balls and it only came in this tie-dye color so I had to use it – but it turned out cute). It’s called Cascade Fixation and I. Love. This. Yarn. Once you get used to working with it, there’s no problem. This is only my second “real” crochet project ever so I am going easy on myself. The bottoms turned out a little large but when I washed them they did shrink a little bit. The hat turned out perfectly. I think I’m going to try to work it in the round next time so there’s no seam on the back. It is so stretchy and soft — perfect for fitting babies. The pattern can be found in Annie’s Attic Crochet book “Diaper Covers & Caps” #871058. Hook up with me on Ravelry (name: 10cowife) if you make any of these – I’d love to see different color combinations. And if you’ve got the flower on page 18 figured out — please let me know!!!

Pink Baby Bonnet & Booties!

I know – I get so excited over small things. Really, tiny, baby things. I just am still so new at this knitting stuff that I am amazed sometimes at what can be done. The bonnet is so cute – I made the bonnet in the post below out of pink alpaca yarn. It is so soft and so cute. I don’t have any dolls to try it on but here is how they turned out. I still need to figure out a tiny flower for the booties – or not – they look cute just how they are, I think! The booties took way longer than the hat but I think if I were to do it again (which I will for sure) that it would go faster now that I have done it before. I hope to get pictures of the cute baby to whom these will be gifted soon and I will post them then if it’s okay with her mama.