What I Designed Today: Custom Illustrator Brushes

So I just realized today there’s a relatively new feature in Illustrator where you can choose which portion of your custom brush to allow to stretch. Hence, these cute little heart balloons for Valentine’s Day and four-leaf clovers for St. Patrick’s Day. Adorable, no? I love learning new things that make life easier.

Amigurumi Hearts by Roxycraft

Ah, easy crochet pattern. Easy to love. Perfect for Valentine’s Day. Thanks, Roxycraft. I haven’t quite figured out what the kids want to do for Valentine’s this year – something homemade. We’re still on the hunt. I just can’t bear to buy those cheap yucky store valentines another year. As soon as I’m feeling better (we’ve been slackers and sick all week long), this is sure to get done – mostly because Valentine’s class parties are next week.