The World’s Worst Seamstress Creates Giant 24″ Pillows (aka Recycling the Couch)


We have an old plaid sleeper couch ripped and wouldn’t sell in garage sale or on Craigslist. I read somewhere online about an industrious woman who utilized every part of her aged couch instead of throwing it out. (We’ve come a long way from using all the parts of a buffalo, haven’t we?) In my guilt ridden state, I figured that the LEAST I could do was reuse the stuffing. So…I found some Liz Claiborne Home yellow scalloped shams at Goodwill (my favorite eco-conscious store) and made pillows to fit them for our master bed. They match perfectly! Here are pictures of the pillows – I encased them with a Lowe’s clearance drapery panel that I purchased for $4. It’s a soft, velour swirly sheer thing but it didn’t look good on our window so I used it instead of muslin. The pillows could stand on their own but I prefer them in the scalloped sham. Yeah for me! I’m so proud of myself, I might just be able to conquer these slipcovers for my furniture after all. Granted, it’s only two pillows and two hours’ work but for me this is huge! I used my sewing machine and didn’t croak or inflict any drama on anyone nearby. The foam is going to be made into a denim dog bed but what to do with the springs…


The drapery fabric takes shape!


Getting stuffed with recycled couch batting!


In the yellow scalloped sham – Yeah!