Recent Design Work: RunHaven

So a few months ago, I started writing articles and designing daily inspirational quotes for  I also helped with their style guide.  It’s a new site from a new social media company out of Australia called MOKO Social Media.  I think they’re going to go places, so be sure to check the site out […]

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What I Designed Today: Writing & designing for RunHaven

So excited to announce a new venture with RunHaven as a writer AND designer for their site.  Here’s my first graphic that I did for them.  I’m only showing 2 of 4 formats here but you get the idea (one for each specific social media size).  Be sure to pop over to their site and […]

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Brooks’ Run Happy Ad Campaign

I remember a couple of these signs from Brooks’ running ad campaign around 2008/2009 — when I was in Omaha and hitting the gym regularly and running on the treadmill. I love to run outdoors, too, but I don’t mind 9 miles on the treadmill at all, either. It goes so fast with an mp3 […]

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Slow Morning, Anti-Consumerism & Pam Houston

I’m having a slow morning. Can’t think of anything to write or recommend — in fact, I’m kind of on an anti-shopping kick right now. I read a quote yesterday something about ‘everything I have is all I need’ and I couldn’t help but agree. Since I don’t have any good shopping to recommend, I […]

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Two New Mags: STITCH & Women’s Running

Hooray! Two new magazines being published and I like the looks of both of them. Let’s hope the STITCH magazine from Quilting Arts can stay fresh (the other magazines looked a bit old fashioned to me but this Stitch one has potential – I’m definitely going to check it out!). 10% discount on this subscription […]

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I Love My Dog(s)

Okay, so only one of them is mine. The jumping dog is Marcie (our neighbor’s dog is named after the Snoopy character). We kind of claim her, too, as Cole has taken care of her almost daily since she was just a puppy. Daisy: I do love her. Even if I didn’t touch her for […]

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Donate Your Old Running Shoes!

What a great idea! I had another post prepared for today but ran across this news item this morning and thought it was worth sharing. Time to clean out closets and gather up shoes – now that I know what to do with them! I know my kids, especially, grow out of shoes quickly. This […]

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Mother of the Year Award

…is not coming to my home anytime this year. This afternoon, Don came back from a business trip to Houston. He hasn’t traveled for work in about 7 years so I was completely unused to the 24/7 single mommy routine. I went to Target for milk with all 4 boys the other night (quite late […]

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