My Favorite Breakfast – Oat Bran!

I am addicted to oat bran. I know, crazy. It is fast, easy and yummy and I’ll let you in on my secrets. Get a big bowl. Put it away and get a bigger bowl. This way you can cook it in the microwave. If you want raisins, put them in now. Other additions are better after it’s cooked (say, nuts, fresh fruit or maple syrup). Place 1/2 c. uncooked oat bran in the bowl with 1 c. water. I usually go shy on the water so my oat bran is fairly lumpy and soaks up the milk I like to put on top (no porridge or gruel for me – it should have some substance to it!). Microwave on high for 2 minutes. Use a saucer for a lid. Stir and microwave in additional 20 second increments until it is the consistency that you like. Add 1 tsp. butter, cinnamon (if desired) and about 2 oz milk on top. I sweeten mine with Stevia (2 packets) but you can use real sugar if you like. There’s so many carbs in the oat bran, though, that real sugar makes it too sweet for me. A couple of variations you might like: mix in a hot cocoa packet (regular or no sugar) – yummy! I also occasionally like mixing in 2 heaping tsp. Green & Black’s Organic Unsweetened Cocoa. When I do this, though, I usually add a little Splenda to taste. Very nice chocolate fix. Maple syrup is also a good addition with bananas and yogurt…there are so many variations that I could eat this every day!