Korean Pojagi & Fabric Wrapping Ideas

IMAGES REMOVED – website no longer linking correctly. It’s a shame, but people change and websites change, too — apologies to anyone who went to the link previously here that is now an anabolic steroid site! Yikes!  (The UNL Quilt Museum link is still very valid and interesting!)

One of my friends who went with me to the quilt study museum in Lincoln at UNL where we saw the Korean Pojagi exhibit made me this and wrapped up a yummy loaf of bread. What a great treat, huh! I do have great friends…any of you would be jealous of Billie Kay. She can make, bake or create just about anything. I attract those kinds of friends because the universe knows that I am sorely lacking in those areas, but I keep trying! I forgot to take a picture before I unwrapped it and I could NOT get it wrapped back up the way she had done it.

Quilt Museum at UNL (aka quiltstudy.org)

Fabulous Saturday morning outing to Lincoln to see a quilt museum. It is fantastic! Thank goodness they had a soft voice recording repeating “Please, do not touch the quilts!” because you could hardly stand to not touch them. Especially when we got to the Korean quilts that were silky and thin (why can’t those words describe me?) and with a rolled French hem. There was a Korean display of Pojagi – the art of wrapping gifts in fabric. Very interesting! Must. Google. Pojagi. Now. Gorgeous!