Houston Museum of Natural Science – Sugar Land

All I can think of when I see this picture from HMNS Sugar Land is “Man! Those nostrils are HUGE!”

The boys had quite the time. We liked it so much we bought memberships so we could go and visit the Houston HMNS the next weekend. We liked that, too, as well as the Faberge egg exhibit but I think we actually preferred this little version over in Sugar Land with the dino dig and small planetarium. Don’t the boys look cute? I mean, scary?

Quilt Museum at UNL (aka quiltstudy.org)

Fabulous Saturday morning outing to Lincoln to see a quilt museum. It is fantastic! Thank goodness they had a soft voice recording repeating “Please, do not touch the quilts!” because you could hardly stand to not touch them. Especially when we got to the Korean quilts that were silky and thin (why can’t those words describe me?) and with a rolled French hem. There was a Korean display of Pojagi – the art of wrapping gifts in fabric. Very interesting! Must. Google. Pojagi. Now. Gorgeous!