Fun Things Spotted on Flickr

Here’s a few things I have loved that I have spotted on Flickr lately. My computer crashed before I had a chance to record the links so – PLEASE – if these are your images, let me know so I can attribute and link to you. They are both really great ideas.

1. A new sampler for the modern age: QWERTY and web icons. How genius is that? Plus who doesn’t appreciate the quote, “Thank you, Internet, for letting me observe so many crazy people from a safe distance.”

2. Decoupage family face eggs. A little freaky and possibly narcissistic (search for your own image eggs, maybe?) but also quite fun and original. Maybe next Easter!

Cheap & Easy Recipe: Ben Likes Hootenany Pancakes!

Ben likes hootenany pancakes so much that he sang for them and we got it on video. It’s a classic Rolfson recipe and oh-so-easy-and-cheap. It is a staple in our household for breakfast OR dinner. Sometimes we even have to make two pans.

Hootenany Pancakes

1 cup flour
1 cup milk
6 or 7 eggs
pinch salt
1 stick butter

Cut 1 stick of butter into several chunks and put in bottom of 9×12 or 10×13 pan. Place in 400° F oven until melted. While butter is melting, whisk or blend flour, eggs, milk and salt. When butter is melted, pour into pan with swirling motion. Bake for approximately 20 minutes. Pancake will puff up! Best served with elderberry syrup but also great with jelly, powdered sugar, etc. I have been known to serve these in the car in baggies – cold – and the kids eat them just as well. Enjoy!