Time Out for Women in Omaha!

I’ve been asked to be a representative for Deseret Book for the Papillion area to get the word out about Time Out for Women coming to Omaha on Friday, Oct. 24th & Saturday, Oct. 25th at the Qwest Center. If you have not been to a TOFW, it will quite possibly be the best weekend you’ll have in a very long while. I attended once in Kansas City with some girlfriends and we had a blast.

Let me know via email or comment if you are considering signing up and I’ll get you the details. You can register online but if you sign up through me I think there’s some sort of advantage…I’ll have to get you the details once I’ve got my house up for sale! But I’ll make sure you get taken care of for sure. I know that I’m supposed to be looking for people who want to help spread the word or form “groups” of friends who are going. Some can even take a training call from Deseret Book and be a “team member” to help with some event “chores” and get further discounts. Email me (or comment) and let me know what you’d like to do — individually register, form a group, or be a team “member” — and I’ll set you up!

I’ll see you all in October if I’m not in Texas by then!!! (…and in that case I need someone to take over my duties as the rep so let me know if you’re up for that, too — should I move before October — which involves a FREE TICKET and coordinating even more help at the event). I actually hope we don’t move before then, at least a little, because I looked at the speakers list here and it sound just wonderful. I heart Merrilee Boyack. She’s my Mormon Idol.

Disclaimer: This is a wonderful event sponsored by Deseret Book and not the Papillion Stake or LDS church. I have to say that.

4 thoughts on “Time Out for Women in Omaha!

  1. I am going to Time out for Women. Robert and I are going to be on vacation to Europe starting the 12th to the 23rd of October. I would love to help in any way that I can though. Let me know what I can do, stand and hand out programs, whatever. I am so excited for it! Also, I didn’t know you were moving! When and Where?

  2. Europe – I’ll trade! You can stay here and get ready to move for me…and I’ll go to Europe (I know, I’m dreaming)…what’s the itinerary? I hope you get to eat something in France for me. Pain au chocolat preferably. If you can get to one. I’ll even pay you to do it. xoxoxo

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