Gabe’s Pinewood Derby Car

When Gabe said he wanted to make a Duracell battery, I thought…well, okay, if that’s what you really want. I should have known better than to second guess this creative kid. It is adorable and a very cool looking car! He came in 2nd and 3rd in most races – and I think Gabe had a really fun night. Great job to all the boys involved: Don, Cole & Gabe! They all had fun making the Duracell car. I think we’ve started a new tradition because next year they want to do a Coke can, then a bag of Lay’s chips, then a Kleenex box. I sense a recurring theme here…

Cub Scout Blue & Gold Banquet Cakes




I was making one but I wanted a backup. I had two backups. Gabe and I decorated THREE cakes and he liked them all so much he wanted to take them all, which was kind of embarrassing (I am a recovering overachiever), but I let him and it was fine. If you click on any of the pics, it will take you to our flickr account so you can see all of the photos. The ganache seeped into the hurry-up chocolate cake and it was divine. The sponge cake was also very good. I don’t think I can pick, myself! Which one is your favorite?