Slipcovers 101 (or Adventures in Slipcovering)





Just getting started. I will probably end up posting the instructions so everyone can learn from my mistakes – which there are bound to be several.

Today I was able to cut the linen blend fabric into the appropriate sizes for each portion of the slipcover and started T-pinning it to the chair, wrong side out. I had one packet of T-pins and had to stop at 3 p.m. and go buy several more. I got the fabric on clearance (enough for 2 chairs) for about $15 at JoAnn’s and the T-pins are costing more than the fabric…hmmm…can’t complain. I love the fabric. I am going to try a scalloped edge on the bottom.

I love the original chairs – they are from a designer who designed during the Eames era for Tiffany’s by the name of Ward Bennett. There are little plaques on the bottom of these chairs that say designed by Ward Bennett and the year (another Goodwill find – paid $12 each and they’re worth at least $250 apiece). I don’t want to mess with the actual upholstery – even if it is Martha Stewart blue it doesn’t go well with our current decor so I envisioned white slipcovers. We’ll see how it goes…this is scarier to me than birthing children!!!

2 thoughts on “Slipcovers 101 (or Adventures in Slipcovering)

  1. you are so brave! i have a chair that i’d love to get reupholstered too but it’s too expensive to have done and i’m too chicken to do it myself :-). way to go and i can’t wait to see the finished product (and the “how to” instructions!)

  2. See, that is why you are doing it and I am not. I probably would just go out and buy new chairs. Good for you! I want to see them when they are done!

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