Rosenblatt Stadium – Go Royals!

Okay, I’ll admit that don’t really know anything about baseball (really). Lili & Ron took us to an Omaha Royals game at Rosenblatt Stadium (you know, where they hold the College World Series). We were super excited to go since Omaha is tearing it down and the land will go to the zoo and it would probably be the last time our kids could visit the historic place. Ron informed us that the game was all about eating unhealthy snacks every 3 innings so we lived up to it: cotton candy, sunflower seeds, hot dogs, soda, dippin’ dots. I’m surprised nobody threw up! We left after the 4th inning due to a delay of game (thundershowers) but we had a really, really good time – THANKS, Ron & Lili, for a great night out for the whole family! What a treat!

3 thoughts on “Rosenblatt Stadium – Go Royals!

  1. That looks like a lot of fun! We have been here seven years and still have not done that! Your boys have grown so much, I can’t believe it. Especially the baby, he is not a baby any more. Good to see that you are blogging!

  2. hi liz! we did a baseball game last summer and emily still asks to go back! there’s just something about the whole ballpark experience that really has nothing to do with the game itself! ‘miss you—can we get together sometime soon???

  3. Hi, Kathleen! Hope you are doing well! I liked the ballpark thing…I just need to learn the rules, I think. Call me and we’ll hit the gym together (yours or mine!). xoxo Lizabeth

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