Garage Sale, Toys & Transfers!

Mounds of Garage Sale Material!

Um…here I go again, round two, getting the blog up and redesigned on my own website.  My current XHTML and CSS knowledge is extremely lacking.  Much to read, investigate, learn and attempt.  I’ll get there – eventually!  I already have a client wanting a website for their dental office so I’d better get cracking.  

In other news, we had a huge garage sale this weekend and it went fairly well.  Still too much junk, I mean stuff, to get rid of.  I didn’t realize how much accumulates the more kids you have.  At least now I know where all of the unmanageable “piles” are coming from that have been appearing from room to room.  My kids have too much stuff!  I’m discovering that a garage sale is a surefire way to curb excess spending.  It will be awhile (I hope) before we indulge in that kind of behavior again…at least I can hope!

In family news, we don’t have much info about our transfer to Hotlanta as Don has taken to calling it.  We hope to get some information soon! 

3 thoughts on “Garage Sale, Toys & Transfers!

  1. What is this about a transfer? Who is going to take care of me next time I fall and break something. Scott and Dani will miss you, me too. Lots of changes in our lives. Good Luck to you!

  2. How is the ankle doing? Hope you are enjoying being home! We are excited for “the kids” to get their first home – exciting stuff. Thx for the note. xoxo Lizabeth

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