Square Foot Gardening

We have two raised garden beds that we build for square foot gardening. Having thought we’d be moved to Texas by now, I have ignored gardening up until now. I have the itch. Even if it’s just a few plants. When we moved to Nebraska from Utah, we had planted a beautiful garden full of tomatoes and zucchini and other wonders and the people who moved into our home there didn’t even like tomatoes. C’est la vie! Since we’re not so sure we won’t be here sans husband (he might have to travel back and forth), I might as well get my garden on!

These gardening books by Mel Bartholomew are fantastic (we have the original but I hear the revised version if great, too!).

Here’s a link to a blogger – My Square Foot Garden – with some other great resources and insights into gardening. Thanks, Diana, for the link!

Speaking of getting my garden on – did you see that $5 Dinners has a giveaway right now for a $50 Home Depot gift card? Be sure to tell your friends & good luck!

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