What I Designed Today: Book Cover for Dandelions for Mother’s Day

I get to do a quick and fun book cover for Brenda Craner Benedict. She did the cute dandelion illustration on the cover (as well as writing the book!). My job can be so much fun sometimes. Plus, I get to meet great people.

What I Designed Today: Half-Page Ads for Delasco Catalog

I have a poem to share but first I need to get it from the source I heard it from yesterday. Will post soon. So WORTH it – I could have used the advice it contains about 10 years ago. Basically the gist is that I need to s…l…o…w…d…o…w…n! Meanwhile, the ads I designed yesterday were only supposed to be a half a page so here is the semi-final result. Still working today. Need to get a catalog section done and then on to the cover to finish. No more panicked rushing, though, I’m turning over a new leaf.

What I Designed Today: Catalog Ads

I am still busy working, which I love. But I seem to be having designer’s block. I blame it on needing more uninterrupted time but Benjamin’s such an easy kid, I really have lots of time to work. I think, lately, it’s other things getting in the way. I need to reprioritize. As much as I hate to admit it, we need a home and food so work kind of is really, really important. Here’s one of a few ideas I submitted for an ad today. I don’t know if they’ll use it but I feel like adapting it to say, “Mom’s everywhere give sleep an A+!” Because THAT we know would absolutely, unequivocably be truth in advertising.