Things to do in Houston for Families

Okay, so I love that clown pic below but after really looking into it they want money and I hate that when you can do just a little research and get the information yourself. So….here is a basic list that I came up with for local Houston things to do for families. It’s easier and free to check out the websites yourself and get the information online. Hope this helps you as much as me – we have lots to do and discover!

Hot Sauce Festival –

The Health Museum –

Brazos Bend State Park –

Old Town Spring –

Houston Zoo –

Downtown Aquarium –

Memorial Park Conservancy –

288 Lake (formerly Tiki Lake) –

Blue Bell Creamery –

Dewberry Farm –

Armand Bayou Nature Center –

Marq*E Entertainment Center –

Bayou Wildlife Park –

Miller Outdoor Theatre –

Theater Under the Stars –

Kemah Boardwalk –

City of Houston Parks & Rec –

Mothers of the Woodlands (resourcel list) –

Woodland’s Children Museum –

Holocaust Museum Houston –

Houston Travel & Visitors Center/Info –

Houston Wilderness –

Galveston Island Travel & Tourism –

Things To Do in Houston (for Families!)

So the kids are bored. Up until now this vacation hasn’t been much of a vacation. Sure, we took a day off to go to Schlitterbahn and we’ve been swimming almost every day but I think the kids are itching to get out and explore their new city. I’ve been trying to research family oriented things to do online and the above pictures link to two of the sources I’ve found. We know nothing will compare to Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo so we’re looking for other substitutes. I’ve been to the children’s museum here and it compares to Omaha but surely there’s something else…we are anxious to try the aquarium as we’ve heard it’s wonderful. Are there any splash parks? I know there are other places out there that only locals know…if you live near Houston (we’re willing to drive!), please email me and let me know what you family enjoys.

Last Day of School

I’m extremely sad today. My boys are growing up. No more kindergartner for 2 years (and then I’ll REALLY cry!). Not to mention that my kids are about to wreak havoc on my life for the next 3 months! I absolutely love having them home but — let’s be honest — I’m not going to enjoy cleaning even MORE than I already am for showings, etc. I think we’ll be playing outside. A lot. I think I might pull out some summer plans that we made last year that we never got around to doing for one reason or another. The kids had some great ideas:

– talent show
– visiting an old folks’ home
– plant a garden (we’ve put off too long thinking we’re moving)
– surprise a family with cookies
– study birds
– visit a farmer’s market
– make homemade syrup night (elderberries, anyone?)
– pumpkin patch
– art night at a museum
– bike night
– rolfson track & field
– numbers night (I don’t even remember what this is!!!)
– tent in the backyard
– camping
– dance night
– cooking night
– campfire night
– no tv week
– reading night (okay, so we practically do this one every night)

Not a bad list to start, right? I’m going to aim low – one special thing a week. I can handle that!