Ben Still Needs Naptime

Well, I wanted to keep Bennie up so he would go to bed on time one evening and around 3 p.m. this is what I found in the family room. I guess he’s just not ready to outgrow his nap (that’s fine by me!). What a kid! He was snuggled up sideways in our red chair-and-a-half. He’s been called a girl twice this week PLUS we were served two boys’ and one girl’s happy meal the other day. I think it may be time for a haircut but I’m not ready. Lili’s hubby, Ron, says he would look like the Wendy’s girl if his hair was red. Yeah, probably. He is such a great kid! He’s just so rough and tough and wears camo so much we never considered he’d look girly in any way!

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Guess we were keeping Ben from his nap! My sister, LeAnne, has started calling him the Benjinator and we think it fits…except when he’s sleeping, of course (then they’re perfect little angels, huh!!). I was just lucky to have the camera with me!