Benjamin Franklin & Alma 37:6 — Small & Simple Everyday Things!


Two facets of the same subject: First, I love this quote by Benjamin Franklin. “Human felicity is produc’d not so much by great pieces of good fortune that seldom happen, as by little advantages that occur every day.” Secondly, it made me think of one of my all-time favorite scriptures. Alma 37:6 “Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise.” When we study that concept in seminary, I always try to warn my students that the reverse is also true: small and simple things can lead you down the path of spiritual destruction as well — those flaxen cords! But, mostly, I love this scripture for its acknowledgment in the great power of simple choices made repeatedly over time. Strength truly is consistency over time — whether it’s food, exercise, spirituality, or another choice. I love when quotes from unrelated parts of the world combine to affirm a universal truth!

Making a Custom Framed Cork Bulletin Board




So I had a brilliant idea to take an open frame from Hobby Lobby and a perfectly sized fitting cork board (also thank you to Hobby Lobby) and made this custom framed cork bulletin board as a thank you to a fellow seminary teacher. I am really loving Hobby Lobby’s collection of glossy black ornate frames at the moment! At least I think it turned out really cute! This teacher had taught all four years so everyone knew her and she wasn’t going to be teaching another year. I had each student put a favorite memory on a doily and pinned them around a card that said “You deserve a bouquet of thanks!” I hope she liked it, but I think she did.

What I Designed Today: Do It Yourself Water Bottle Labels – Jesus Christ is the Living Water John 4:13-14



So my husband was in charge of refreshments at the youth activity this week at church and since he was helping me with a client’s custom WordPress install and website, I pitched in and helped him with the food and drink. Since I recently have been working to help a party goods designer (more announcements and info to come on that later!), I knew I could quickly throw together a water label with a fitting scripture: John 4:13-14. Free jpg file for download here. You will want to use packing tape to adhere them to the water bottle. I found the easiest way was to remove the official label off the bottle, stretch out a piece of packing tape a little longer than your new label and center it on your tape and wrap it around each bottle – voila! So cute. I think I’ll have to use this for seminary, too.

First Day of School 2010



I’m blogging while Cole’s in seminary. I have been walking/running with the dogs every morning and LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it that early in the morning but I broke my pinky toe last night and it hurts pretty bad this morning. No walking for a week (hopefully not more than that) for me. Oh well, I probably have more than a week’s worth of blogging to catch up on. Cole started a new, huge high school “far, far away” and he starts and ends school quite early so, between him and the littler boys, I’m not getting as big of a block of time open during the day to work, etc. Meanwhile, I have a 9th grader, 4th grader and 2nd grader. Next year will be the year of total change when Bennie enters Kindergarten. Until then, he and I are going to have a blast this year while all of the other boys are at school. Buckle up! It’s going to be some kinda ride (please, you must say this like Gene Wilder in The Frisco Kid: “Some kinda Torah!”).