Welcome Home, Blue-Eyed Rottweiler Mix Rescue Puppy!

The title speaks for itself! Take a look at those baby blue eyes on this Rottweiler mix rescue from the SPCA. He’s 7 lbs and fluffy and we named him Roscoe after Rosco P. Coltrane for those of you who are old enough to get the TV reference. 10-4 little buddy! We’re in love.

Blue eyed Rottweiler puppy

We were told 5 pups were dumped on a cardboard box and approximately 5-6 weeks old. The shelter thought they might be Rottweiler mixed with German Shepherd, but we’re thinking we got a Husky disguised as a Rottweiler — he’s so fluffy, he’s like a little bear.

Rescued Rottweiler puppy likes his new home

Puppies in Ties

So cute. Pepper is growing HUGE very quickly. She also seems to be hungry ALL of the time. I think we may have adopted a puppy great dane by mistake.

Dash & Albert Rug Store

Beautiful catalog. Beautiful rugs. Puppies in the pictures…what more could a girl ask for? Love rugs. Love puppies. My only suggestion is if you HAVE dogs, look for olefin or a natural fiber you can wash! My Capel wool oval rug is the nastiest for vacuuming up – the yellow fibers clog my Dyson brush all the time.