Dog Collar Contest Winner

Silver spoons! Who’d a thunk it? Very nice and perfect for elegant breeds. Check out the design and fabrication from Junk Market’s website here.

Junkyard Dog Collar Contest

Any pet’s collar can actually enter, not just dogs. This contest is from the blog of Sue Whitney, of Junk Market fame. Be sure to check it out – there are some adorable ideas for collars out there. The picture above is from Sue’s blog (hyperlinked on the word “contest” above).

Muttropolis – Online Utopia for Dogs


So I was reading Entrepreneur magazine (no worries about my actually achieving anything, I’m so behind it was the Sep ’07 issue) – anyway, I saw this great article about someone who had developed Muttropolis stores and was successful. I just loved the name and had to check it out and share with all my other pooch pals out there.