I’m in love with PBS and BBC

Sure signs of aging: loving onions, mustard AND sauerkraut. Another sure sign of aging: really, really enjoying PBS and BBC. When did this sneak up on me?? I feel like normal television doesn’t include a plot anymore. I am addicted. MI-5 is a new one for me and it is fantastic, although I see I have 8 or 9 seasons to catch up on! I already love Masterpiece Classic – that Rupert Penry-Jones is amazing. No need to elaborate, right? Well, he reminds me of that guy in Robinson Crusoe that was cancelled (great show – I am still mourning television’s loss with that cancellation). I look forward to seeing The 39 Steps this Sunday night. Maybe getting old isn’t so bad!

PBS Dog & Cat Photo Contest

We happened to watch PBS’ Nature: Dogs & Cats the other night and it was really, really good. Though I did have to convince Cole that, NO, we don’t need a bloodhound (though Holly in the show was pretty darn cute). We also liked listening to the trainer with the English accent scream at her dogs, “Don’t you dare!” Great stuff. Better than regular television by far. So, I was surprised to find an email waiting for me in my in-box the next morning regarding a PBS photo contest for dogs and cats where you can win a dvd of the show for yourself – not bad! Go here for information if you’re interested & good luck!