Oil Ranch Farm

Saturday, we spent the day at Oil Ranch Farm and it was lovely! Hot and humid, but lovely. The kids got sunburned quickly – I remembered to pack a cooler of ice water but forgot the sunscreen – doh! There’s surely some kind of mother award for that maneuver. Anyway, the kids each had favorite things: Ben’s was riding the ponies, Jack’s was the waterslide, Gabe’s was riding the train and Cole’s was the free food, drinks & snow cones.

House Hunting in Houston

We found a country home we love but there’s one problem: it’s just too small! It’s the one affordable (if you think $244K is affordable) house among half a million dollar homes on acreages in Magnolia. My heart started pitter-pattering when we approached and as we went to the front porch, a baby deer scampered off into the backyard gated portion where it frantically tried to get out. The poor thing couldn’t find its way out of the gated acreage and scurried around the edge the entire time we were inside. I thought it might have a heart attack (can that happen to wildlife?!). So we explored the inside of the home which is just as charming as the outside – a sunroom, large master with closet but only 2 bedrooms upstairs. As we were leaving, mama deer was just on the other side of the fence trying to help her baby find her way out – how sweet is that?!