Kitchen Cabinet Decor – What to Put On There?!

I like mine blank. Empty. Nothing. BUT — the realtor asked me to put some Christmas items up there. No problem, I say! Um…problem. I am a print designer and not so good with home decor. Here’s what’s up there now. I need suggestions? There are white lights. I wanted to use what I have. The corner with the baskets and trees — all those goodies came from Goodwill the same day the realtor asked me to put something up there. Gotta love Goodwill. I got some fake poinsettia plants for my front porch, too and they are gorgeous. What do you have on your kitchen cabinets? We’ve been taking lots of pictures of the house at various stages. You can see them my house pics flickr photostream if you’re so inclined. I wish I had a collection of antique scandinavian anything but…Grandma Jackson’s stoneware crock & bowl and some Christmas doodads will have to do for now. Be sure to check back as I’m announcing the winner of the Boden sunglasses either later today or tomorrow. She’s from Finland. So, if you’re not from Finland, you can be sure you didn’t win!