Houston…We Have A Problem!

So the only real problem is Donnie and I both despise the heat but it looks like our attitude needs to change quickly because we’re headed to Houston instead of Hotlanta (yeah, and we thought Atlanta was going to be hot). I’m sadly looking around at my favorite winter coats, pullovers and jackets and can’t even conceive of life where it’s Omaha-Summer-Humid-Hot ALL YEAR LONG. Yikes. We’re going to need more than a few prayers in our behalf for this adventure! I keep telling myself this is what I said about Sandy, Utah before we lived there and it became one of our favorite places in the world. Well, at least maybe I can sweat off those last few pounds…just looking on the bright side!

Garage Sale, Toys & Transfers!

Mounds of Garage Sale Material!

Um…here I go again, round two, getting the blog up and redesigned on my own website.  My current XHTML and CSS knowledge is extremely lacking.  Much to read, investigate, learn and attempt.  I’ll get there – eventually!  I already have a client wanting a website for their dental office so I’d better get cracking.  

In other news, we had a huge garage sale this weekend and it went fairly well.  Still too much junk, I mean stuff, to get rid of.  I didn’t realize how much accumulates the more kids you have.  At least now I know where all of the unmanageable “piles” are coming from that have been appearing from room to room.  My kids have too much stuff!  I’m discovering that a garage sale is a surefire way to curb excess spending.  It will be awhile (I hope) before we indulge in that kind of behavior again…at least I can hope!

In family news, we don’t have much info about our transfer to Hotlanta as Don has taken to calling it.  We hope to get some information soon!