Houston Heights II

So here are the Houston Heights shots I found online while I was searching for real estate. The smallest houses are a bit over $200K while the larger ones (3,000 to 4,000 square feet) are over a million. If you’re really into checking out the area, go to the Houston Association of Realtors website and choose “advanced search” and search for the whole neighborhood – just enter “Heights” into the dialog box. Have fun! Some of the interior pictures on these houses are really amazing.

Houston Heights I




So I had a client meeting in The Heights on Monday morning and I had never been to the area. To be honest, I was afraid to go anywhere near downtown – small town chicken that I am – but it was a very fun, artsy, historic area. It reminded me of Dundee in Omaha. I left Spring around 8:15 and arrived in The Heights around 8:45 but my meeting wasn’t until 9:30 so I drove around taking pictures like a tourist.



I also stopped at a cute bakery and took pictures of the oodles of goodies because they were so colorful! I have never seen such pink cookies in my whole life! The pastries were filled with pineapple filling. There was a sweet potato filled empanada. There was a cinnamon doughnut looking pastry filled with apples. I also bought some sugar cookies for my potential clients. I accidentally gave away the treats that I purchased for Don and brought home the sugar cookies. Oh well. After all that, the kids didn’t even like the cookies. They were dry and crumbly (okay by me) but not very sweet at all (even though some were coated in sugar) and tasted of cornmeal. Hmmm…I guess we’re too sugarified in the midwest. Would probably take some getting used to.




I’m posting some of my random shots while driving and hanging out the window but I also found some shots of Heights houses for sale. One of these is for sale for $1.3 million. {cough, hack, cough} Trendy, indeed.


One thing that I am excited to have found is a little shop called Sew Crafty – Houston. I haven’t looked it up online yet but it looks like they offer classes all week. They were closed when I got there but isn’t their logo really cute? I’ll link to them as soon as I find out a little more about them.