Vintage Tubs & Home Decor

Picture from Vintage Tubs.

If you’re like me and you like vintage along with your modern, here is a home decor site for you: Vintage Tubs. I ran across this site and they offer FREE shipping to US & Canada. Now if I could only afford to remodel my bath…just yet. It looked like they had some great pricing on benches and other outdoor furniture.

Hollywood at Home also has some great antiques – but whoa – those prices are out of this world. Still – a girl can look, right? It’s not even that I WANT this stuff but that I really enjoy looking at what people can do with it to create a home or a mood or a feeling. It’s all about making a HOME, right?! I am always surprised at the simplest things that can make a home, like:

– scriptures laying out on a table having been read
– fresh fruit in a bowl with tiny bites out of each and every one
– shoes and socks lining the entryway
– Star Wars stickers all over the bunk bed and toy pails

So what makes YOUR house a home?? I’m just curious!

Pretty Southern Living Pics

A couple of pictures to inspire you. Both are from Southern Living. Perhaps I’m looking to be inspired and/or anxious for my move South to be over with.

French Country Furniture & Kate Madison

I had insomnia and was up until 3 a.m. wondering what I could do relatively inexpensively to spruce up our kitchen to maybe help sell our house. I was online searching for remodeling or refinishing kitchen islands and I found Kate Madison and fell in love (every Kate that I know is adorable so it is only fitting that furniture named Kate should be as well). So much for inexpensive! A girl can dream, right? I love to browse pictures and discover what I truly think feels like home. It’s all about home and not so much about the stuff, I try to remember most of the time but some of these really do just feel like home to me! Be sure to check out the Kate Madison website for more inspirational ideas.

Beautiful Acorn Jars

Found on etsy here. Beautiful jars – handmade and oven, microwave, freezer safe. Gotta love’ em. I like all of the sizes. There’s just something cute about acorns, isn’t there?

Great Sales at Brocade Home

Love this site. Watch carefully and every cool thing on their sale section gets to eventually be another half off (at least that was the last great sale I saw!) – makes the extra shipping for furniture worth it. I’m not too frilly of a person but I just love, love, love these gray and silver duvet covers. Check out the website here and the design blog here.

Gorgeous, Inspiring Sites!

I had never before seen The French Garden House. I normally like much more spare design but it is so very lovely.

I wish I spoke or read Norwegian because here are two design sites that I discovered today. I love Danish and Norwegian design because they use what they have and it is spare and somehow still is very, very pretty. Clears the mind. Check out the two sites here and here.

Tree of Life Artwork

I have been intrigued lately with trees and, more specifically, artwork symbolically reminiscent of the Tree of Life. I found this at and have thoroughly enjoyed looking at their website. They seem to have reasonable prices, too. Reminds me of a good friend who purchased her living room furniture because the pillow fabric had a subtle tree of life pattern in the weave. What a nice reminder of scripture stories and imagery to have around your home.

The World’s Worst Seamstress Creates Giant 24″ Pillows (aka Recycling the Couch)


We have an old plaid sleeper couch ripped and wouldn’t sell in garage sale or on Craigslist. I read somewhere online about an industrious woman who utilized every part of her aged couch instead of throwing it out. (We’ve come a long way from using all the parts of a buffalo, haven’t we?) In my guilt ridden state, I figured that the LEAST I could do was reuse the stuffing. So…I found some Liz Claiborne Home yellow scalloped shams at Goodwill (my favorite eco-conscious store) and made pillows to fit them for our master bed. They match perfectly! Here are pictures of the pillows – I encased them with a Lowe’s clearance drapery panel that I purchased for $4. It’s a soft, velour swirly sheer thing but it didn’t look good on our window so I used it instead of muslin. The pillows could stand on their own but I prefer them in the scalloped sham. Yeah for me! I’m so proud of myself, I might just be able to conquer these slipcovers for my furniture after all. Granted, it’s only two pillows and two hours’ work but for me this is huge! I used my sewing machine and didn’t croak or inflict any drama on anyone nearby. The foam is going to be made into a denim dog bed but what to do with the springs…


The drapery fabric takes shape!


Getting stuffed with recycled couch batting!


In the yellow scalloped sham – Yeah!