Custom Made Round Dog Bed




My first zipper. My first dog bed. My first custom made dog bed cover. While it’s in my blood, I ought to whip one up for Christmas. Otherwise, I may move on to something else and give it up completely. It’s adorable fabric – I just wish it matched something in my house (we’re all reds here) but it is really, really cute. The boys are enjoying it which makes me want to make them some bean bags for the playroom. There are some giant knitted bean bag type things I’d like to make for them…another day, another project!

Spring Ideas – Growing Wheatgrass with NO SOIL!

This little bit of green on my counter keeps me cheery for a good couple of weeks each spring. Isn’t he cute??? Easy to grow and the kids love to cut his hair. It’s almost as good as your own Chia Pet…remember those? We grow it by crumpling up wet paper towels and sprinkling a thick layer of wheat berries on top. Cover and place in the dark (I was too lazy even for this – just put it on my counter!) and about 5 days later, sprouts had begun. No soil. No mess. Easy!

T-Shirt Design Contest: Thinking Green!

Think you can create a t-shirt design based on the concept of thinking green? Check out this design contest here by Threadless. Good luck!

Going Green: Tip for Saving Paper!

I’m supposed to be “on the road” this morning so I’ll make this one quick: The VERY BEST tip I’ve heard for saving paper in the home office is this: when your children come home from school with papers, take all of the papers from their backpack and select those that do not have printing on the back – even their school work sometimes fits this description (bonus: great excuse to not have to save every little thing! I’ve been known to run their graded spelling tests through my laser printer!). Remove any staples, etc. You will be amazed at how much paper this provides. I print a lot of labels for ebay shipping and during the school year I hardly ever have to use a new sheet for a mailing label – mind boggling how easy this is to do. Just imagine one backpack X4 kids and you can imagine how much paper we had last year…I’m anxious for school to start again just so I can stop using fresh paper for my mailing labels! Ditto for flyers on your door, in the newspaper, the possibilities are (unfortunately) endless…