Raw Milk from Branched Oak Farm



Lovely little farm. I drove quite a ways on dirt roads this morning to outside of Lincoln to find it. Legally they cannot advertise their sale of raw milk in traditional ways but I’m assuming it’s okay to critique the milk we just bought from them on our blog — it’s like drinking the best ice cream you’ve ever had. I have been reading up on milk issues (pro and con) for awhile now and have always wanted to try raw milk. We are loving it. This particular little farm has grass fed jersey cows and the milk is organic and not destined for big milk producers. Very clean, very good milk. If you want more information on raw milk, please visit realmilk.org. Yes, yes, we have read the warnings and studied up on the subject. I certainly wouldn’t get raw milk from a farm producing for a big dairy but I have to say, we absolutely love this milk! I picked up some kefir starter (my kids love this!) and grass fed beef there, too, this morning so I’ll have to let you know how it is later but I’m hoping spectacular.