What I Designed Today: U.S. Athletics Hall of Fame Social Media Banners

As part of an overarching social media campaign, I designed a few versions of the image above to act as a header in Facebook, a post on LinkedIn, and for sharing by the company owners. If you’re so inclined, go vote for your favorite athletes, coaches or contributors at notinhalloffame.com/usa.

What I Designed Today: Inspirational Quote – Life is the Ultimate Sport

I created this motivational quote because I love the quote. It’s true! Running has taught me so much about life. It’s a great quote from Mark Lauren’s 2012 book entitled “Body by You: The You Are Your Own Gym Guide to Total Women’s Fitness”.


Creative Commons Yosemite” by Jonathan Fox is licensed under CC BY 4.0; Derivative photo editing and typography by Lizabeth Rolfson.