Jack’s First Swim Meet

My kids teach me something every single day. Although most days it’s just a new level of patience! Today, though, Jack taught me to not underestimate his ability. He started swim team not knowing anything about swimming and today swam across the pool both freestyle and backstroke – and shaved nearly a minute off his time for each. While I had been worried about him participating because he’d surely come in last (and, truth be told, he only beat one kid), he was concentrating on what mattered most — getting there. He said, “I just got up on that stand and wanted to WIN!” He said he was at the other side before he even realized it so he didn’t have time to think about holding onto the ropes. Nothing like your own kid teaching you to have a winning attitude — whether you win or not! And, yes, that is a marker smiley face on his belly button. Small pleasures, people.

Catching Up & A Glimpse of Summer

The big news for me is this past Sunday I got released from serving the women in our ward.  Whew.  I am so excited – my schedule just got MUCH more clear!  I feel like I finally have time to clean up the house and finish moving in.  We never really settled since I received that calling about 8 weeks after moving in.  So, what have I done with the past 3 days?  The kids started swim team and even though nobody has had even a lesson, they are doing fantastic and adjusting and, most importantly, enjoying themselves.  Here’s to a glimpse of summer!